Featured Gadget: GPU Observer Gadget

January 17th, 2010 / 103 Comments » / by Admin

DownloadHomepageThe GPU Observer Gadget, released by Orbmu2k, is an all-in-one desktop gadget for both Nvidia and ATI graphics cards. Select your card from a list, unless it’s already been selected for you, as well as some display options and you’re ready to go.

GPU Observer Gadget

GPU Observer Gadget

It can show temperatures, fan speeds, loads, memory usage and clock speed to help you keep an eye out for overheating or faulty graphic cards. You can even run several instances of the gadget if you have got more than one graphic card.

This is my personal favorite of all the windows 7 gadgets I’ve tested, so try it out yourself! Read more…

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Gadget Review: Clipboard Manager

July 19th, 2011 / 194 Comments » / by Admin

Gadget homepageDownload buttonThe clipboard is one of those things that makes our lives so much easier. It is one of those things we have come to rely on in our everyday work. An implementation of the clipboard exists in every major operating system, and you would feel very limited operating a system without a clipboard. Still, the clipboard has not changed much from its first implementation. You can copy text, images etc, and paste it elsewhere. Once you copy another thing, your first clipboard is gone, poof, forever. There have been many applications along the way to extend the clipboards functionality, such as remembering the clipboard history, but none of them have ever made it into the OS. The Clipboard Manager gadget for win 7 sidebar comes close.

Clipboard Manager

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Gadget Review: File Extension Lookup Gadget

March 27th, 2011 / 4 Comments » / by Admin

Gadget homepageDownload buttonHave you ever come across a file type you didn’t recognize? Your system can’t open it since it doesn’t recognize the file extension? I know I have. The solution for me has always been to google the file extension, finding some site that explains it and tells me what applications can open the file.

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Ve Best Icon Groups

March 25th, 2011 / 20 Comments » / by Admin

Yet again, this isn’t a gadget made for the Windows 7 Sidebar, but rather runs as a stand-alone program.

These days practically no one is easily surprised by neat design of interface, whether belonging to PC desktop, software controls, internet sites or portable devices.

A thing occurring in most interfaces are icon sets. Icons are not just informative marks, but can be sculpted to be miniature art, and makes for a unique look and feel of the graphical environment.

There’s even more room for creativity, since you are able to arrange icons over your desktop area in the pattern convenient for you, or in particular order easy to memorize. You’re only limited by own imagination.

Now, if the user populates his or her desktop with just a few icons, things are pretty transparent and neat. But suppose the user is into a heavy workflow and accumulates countless folders stuffed with data and the count of icons around the desktop grows day by day?

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Windows 7 Sticky notes

December 16th, 2010 / 39 Comments » / by Admin

This isn’t actually a gadget review, as the sticky notes in windows 7 have taken the form of an application instead of a gadget as in windows vista.

The Sticky Notes app lets you create small notes that stick to your screen, just like real sticky notes would. You can create simple to-do lists or make reminders for yourself so you don’t forget to do some important task. You can create notes in six different colors, helping you to keep them apart.

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Gadget Review: Stock Board Gadget

November 16th, 2010 / 129 Comments » / by Admin

HomepageDownload buttonThe Stock Board Gadget lets you keep an eye on how your stock are doing in real-time. You add your stocks with purchase costs and it will show you your profit or loss.

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Gadget Review: Launch Control Gadget

October 24th, 2010 / 56 Comments » / by Admin

HomepageDownload buttonThe Launch Control gadget for Windows 7 is a nifty way of having shortcuts to anything you want. It works the same way as the quick launch area on your taskbar, however it allows you to pin almost anything.

You have three tabs to switch between per default, and should they not be enough, you can create your own. You have Apps, Utilities and Control tabs. In the Apps tab you can pin all your favorite apps and launch them with a single click. The Utilities tab is the same, but allows you to pin folders and utility applications as well. Then there is the Control tab, which has your normal Lock, Shutdown, Restart and Hibernate buttons you would find on the start menu. Read more…

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Gadget Review: Beat Music Player Gadget

September 30th, 2010 / 23 Comments » / by Admin

HomepageDownload buttonThe Beat Music Player Gadget is an alternative to Windows Media Player. It’s a fully featured music player on your sidebar, ready to play your entire windows media library.

For easy access you have a row of album covers that you can flick through. Simply double click on an album to play it. For more advanced browsing you can open up the library and browse by artists, albums and tracks.

All of this without having WMP running, taking up your resources.

It also has features for shuffle, repeat and queue songs.

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IT management and gadgets – The admin approach to better business?

September 15th, 2010 / 99 Comments » / by Admin

Let’s face it, the Age of Gadgets is upon us. They’re everywhere, and they’re also getting into the business admin area. The main use of gadgets is putting functions where they can be found and used. Interestingly and perhaps predictably, sales is the first area to take advantage of the Gadget Economy. That’s highly relevant, because sales is tied into admin in so many ways. Read more…

Gadget Review: Toggle Hidden Files Gadget

August 15th, 2010 / 17 Comments » / by Admin

HomepageDownload buttonThis gadget is made up of a single button. Click it and it will toggle the visibility of hidden files in windows explorer, as well as protected system files and file extensions. With this at hand you no longer need to go through file options to find those hidden files.

Toggle Hidden Files Gadget

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Gadget Review: Doppler Radloop Gadget

July 11th, 2010 / 9 Comments » / by Admin

HomepageDownload buttonThe Doppler Radloop desktop gadget is a new fresh take on the numerous weather gadgets around. Instead of simply showing the current estimated weather conditions, this windows gadget displays a radar image updated in real-time. Although a bit harder to analyze, the gadget gives you a better understanding of the coming weather.

It saves a new image every 5 minutes, letting you play it up as a movie, showing the weathers development over time. The radar can display: Base Reflectivity, Composite Reflectivity, Long Range Reflectivity, Storm Relative Motion, Base Velocity, One-Hour Precipitation and Storm Total Precipitation. You can configure it to show topography, rivers, cities, counties, highways and even warnings.

Doppler Radloop Gadget

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