Company Profile

It is one of the earliest private science and technology enterprises in China to develop and produce polyethylene cable materials and special additives. In 2001, the company invested 100 million yuan in Jinan Tianqiao Industrial Park to build a new 100,000 square meters modern factory area which integrates R&D, production, office and warehouse. It has a modern R&D center and warehouse. It has introduced 15 production lines and more than 30 sets of high-end testing instruments from Germany.

Company Details

  • Logistics products
  • North America, South America, Eastern Europe, Southeast Asia, Africa


The company has more than 30 employees and technicians to develop and produce all kinds of complex and difficult plastic products. Its product quality conforms to EU RoHS standard, its production process and production process exceed the same level, its workshop layout is reasonable, its machinery and equipment are large-scale, and it can operate quickly and efficiently. Has many years of experience in producing large-scale thick sheet plastic absorption, thick sheet plastic absorption, thick wall plastic absorption, sheet thermoforming, ABS plastic absorption, PVC plastic absorption, PMMA plastic absorption, ASA plastic absorption, PS plastic absorption and plastic absorption mold design.



Our Team

As one of the technological pioneers in the field of thermoforming and thick sheet suction, we have gradually developed into a professional large-scale domestic supplier of suction products with the spirit of continuous innovation, quality priority and perseverance.